Fixed Invisible Grille

Provide safety and security to your home

The Legate Fixed Invisible Grilles are made up of several 316 stainless steel cables that cannot be moved nor opened and requires a solid concrete wall for installation.


Provide extra security while maintaining your balcony facade with Legate Invisible Grille. The Legate Fixed Invisible Grille are normally installed in balconies without existing window structures or in homes where additional structures cannot be installed.


With our vast experience and expertise in fabrication, we can meet your various requirements for fence grilles. We offer an extensive range of fencing grilles that can provide adequate security for your home.


Our Legate Invisible Grille can be used as a railing because of its sleek and modern design. It is incredibly durable and requires zero maintenance.


Our Legate Invisible Grille looks excellent on all types of staircases. It offers a modern look and a great way to personalize your home. You can count on it to last because the Legate Invisible Grille is resistant to rust as well as corrosion.


The Legate Invisible Grilles for window treatment assures window is protected from intruders. It protects children, the elderly, and pets from accidents.

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