Fixed Invisible Grille are type of Grilles that are fix or cannot be open. It is usually installed in Balcony or Bedrooms

The Gap spaces can be two, three or four inches. If you are having a child ages 3 years old and below, a gap of 3 inches is advisable. If you are having a lovely cat then 2 inches is advisable. Invisible Grille makes your home safe and secured and makes your home stylish.

Full Height Fixed Invisible Grille
Our Sales Manager doing a site visit at Sky habitat

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For us to be able to give an Accurate Quotation we need to know the exact Measurement.  We have to go for a site survey and give you the most suitable solution. An Appointment that is Free and Non Obligatory. Asking if we do on Weekends? Yes. We are flexible. Want to have an appointment now? Call us.


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How long is the installation process after purchasing the order? Preparation takes a 7 working days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Invisible Grille
Besides providing excellent quality services & products, Le Gate strives to promote & offer the best customer service to all. If you have any enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us, we are most gladly to help.



Why should I choose Legate Invisible Grille over Conventional Grille?

Legate invisible grille offers the safety that conventional grille provides but at the same time, owners get to preserve the view that they have.


What is the grille made of?

The grille is made of 316 high tension stainless steel – a type of high quality stainless steel that is commonly used.


Does the invisible grille tend to loosen up especially after period of time?

The invisible grille will not loosen up as they are individually secure by independent locking system.


How long is the warranty?

Legate’s Invisible grille currently offers a 5-years (60-months) warranty period.


Can the invisible grille be opened and closed?

Yes, we have a couple of variations of invisible grille: there are fixed type which can’t be open; there are also sliding, casement, as well as newly invented bi-fold casement type which can be opened when necessary.


My window is along the corridor, can I install the Invisible Grille?

Yes, simply because our grille comes with an optional built-in alarm system which will sound off in the event when the grille is tampered.


How much do you charge?

It will depend on the size and the area where the invisible grille is installed. It will be good if site visit can be done for measurement followed by FREE quotation.

What kind of clients do you work with?

We provide Safety and Security to ALL kinds of Home. It maybe HDB, DBSS, EC, Condo and Landed.

What is your turn around time?

Our Turn Around time is 7 Days.

Do you have any Subsidiaries?

Legate doesn’t have any subsidiaries.

We are one of  the satisfied Customers. We are assisted well by Mr. Kenneth Lim, a friendly and very approachable person.

"Mrs Ng, housewife, Parkland Residences Homeowner"

The Invisible Grille gave me peace of mind whenever I am at work. Before I am always worried about my kids at home because we really can’t control accidents but we can prevent it not to happen.

"Mr Lim, Project Supervisor, Lakevista Homeowner"

As an ID i am very picky about my interior but it is always first thing first. SAFETY.
This is why i have my Invisible Grille at home =)

"Mrs Annie Lee, Interior Designer, Sky habitat Homeowner"


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